New Year Favorites! Clothes, makeup, and more :)


Happy New Year, y’all! I am so excited about 2015 and seeing what all is in store! I decided I wouldn’t do a blog post about new years resolutions because I have a TON! So to save y’all the pain of reading my goals of this 2015 I thought I would just share a few of my New Year favorite items 🙂

Rain Boots

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I have been wanting some Hunter rain boots for such a long time and I finally got some for Christmas! I wanted to get a color that I could incorporate into a lot of my outfits, considering the fact I’d probably be wearing these babies a lot haha! So I chose to get them in the color ‘Bright Peacock’ and I LOVE THEM!

Furry Jacket

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This is by far my new favorite outer wear item! It is so so comfy and makes for a great statement piece in my ootds! I caught this little piece of heaven at H&M, and its on sale!

Leather Skirt

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This is one of the more edgy pieces I have in my closet but oh my goodness let me tell y’all I’ve worn this so many times! You can either dress it up or dress it down, and I always get tons of compliments on it 🙂

#Preppy Shirt

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The shirt that sums up my life… I absolutely adore this shirt! I’m in love with every single one of the Jadelynn Brooke shirts!

A good book & agenda

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I’ve had my Lilly Pulitzer agenda since the summer time and I use it very religiously! To add to its beauty I added a “Preppin’ ain’t easy” sticker from Lauren James on top of it! My book, “The Gospel According To Coco Chanel” is by Karen Karbo is a great, easy read that is perfect for fashion lovers like me, and can be purchased from Anthropologie or Barnes and Noble! IT makes a super cute desk decoration after you read it 🙂


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The Naked 3 palette is honestly the best eye shadow pallete ever, especially if you have blue or green eyes like me! And if you’re an eye brow freak like me, the Anastasia brow wiz pencil will save your life!  My personal color is in the ‘soft brown’  and it doesn’t make my eyebrows too dark which was something I was wanting in my search for the perfect eye brow utensil 🙂

Thank y’all so much for reading my new years favorites! I would love it for y’all to tell me y’alls! so feel free to comment your favorite items to ring in the new year! 🙂


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Happy Birthday, Lilly Pulitzer


The day when I received my first Lilly Pulitzer dress was the day that I my obsession with bright colors and prints became real!  Every time I go to the Lilly store I feel like I have to try on everything and buy the whole store. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what true love is like haha.

Lilly Pulitzer has taken a juice stand and make it into an empire. That inspires me to work hard on also pursue my dreams just as she did! I am forever a Lilly- lover and wearer and I will always have a special place in my heart for her and her brand! She will be forever adored by the southern belles of America!

Happy Birthday, Lilly Pulitzer! 🙂

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Madeline E. Hector

Fall Outfit Ideas



Even though my aggies are lacking right now in football, I figured I should at least make them look good by wearing one of my fav fall outfits to the game I went to last weekend! ( vest: jcrew, top: target, jeans: target, socks: target, earrings: Kendra scott, bracelet: j.crew) GIG EM!


whole outfit is from Target!! booties: old navy


Top: Old Navy, Pants: Target, Shoes: Jack Rogers, Bulk Pearls: Altar’d State, Sunnies:  Versona


Overalls: Target, ‘Hello Gorgeous Shirt: Old Navy, Booties: Old Navy, Bracelet: J.Crew


Have a happy Fall!

xoxo, Madeline E. Hector

Fall into Fall Fashion!


See what I did with the title? hehe

Hey y’all! It is officially my all time favorite time of year (besides Christmas) and I am just oh so excited about all that fall has in store! I think the best thing about fall is the fashion that comes along with it.

Vest are seriously the best things ever. They are SOOO comfy and add a cute little flare to your outfit. My personal favorite one is my J.Crew herringbone vest (middle). I have a feeling that i’ll be wearing this baby 4 times a week 🙂 (Both of the other vest are from the Target kids section)

Blazers are flattering and cute and I think that’s the perfect match! My seeksucker blazer is perfect for any time of year. The black oversized blazer is really chic looking and every time I wear it I feel like im ready to have my picture taken by a street style photographer hehe. (Seer sucker blazer- Gap, Black Blazer- Target)


I am so obsessed with the Tory Burch tweed, EVERYTHING! But lets be honest, we all can’t just go buy a Tory tweed jacket and still have enough money to buy this months Starbucks lol. So I found this really cute tweed jacket from OLD NAVY last year and I adore it! I feel likes its something they’d wear in the princess diaries.. or something my idol, Kate Middleton would wear haha!

monograms and lipsticks
Monograms will never ever ever ever ever be out of style of season, but my monogrammed sweatshirt from Marley Lilly is LIFE! I usually layer it with a buttoned up gingham shirt underneath it. My monogrammed rain boots are essential for when I don’t want to get my other boots wet, and they were also super inexpensive!
Lastly I just have to talk about lipstick. I’m always reapplying my lipstick and I know it gets on peoples nerves lol butchaa girl has to look good even at school. I’ve found that those 3 lipsticks stay on the longest and I love them! (Naked- Walk of Shame, Revlon- Miracle Mauve, Too Faced Melted- Melted Fushia)

I hope y’all have enjoyed this post and that Autumn treats you greatly!!! If you can’t get enough of me you should follow my tumblr: Preppy-southern-class and my insta: @maddiehectorr



Let’s Make A Statement!


I think by now we have all noticed the reoccurring trend of statement necklaces! How perfect are they?! They do so much for you in such a simple way! Statement necklaces come in handy when we have a boring outfit that lacks the “wow” factor, or even when we just need to add something magnificent to your ootd!

Here is my collection (not including pearls): Image

side note: Sarah Belle just did a video over how to style statement necklaces and I strongly suggest you watch it if you need more help with styling them!

Simple Statements


PEARLS PEARLS PEARLS!!  Nobody understands how much I adore pearls! My homecoming court dress even had pearls on it! Pearls are so perfect for literally anything! You could wear them to any more formal event or just with a t-shirt and nike shorts.  They are timeless and will never go out of style.  This other simple statement necklace is from J.Crew and let me tell you.. I wear it like 5 days a week! It goes with anything and provides a wow factor to any outfit even though its super simple.

Bib Statements


Bib Necklaces go great with collared shirts and well… really anything haha.  If you are wearing a simple denim button down, bib necklaces are PERFECT if you wanted to spice things up a bit!

Layered Statements


I have honestly only worn these like 1 time haha.  My mom and I bought them for homecoming because they have my school color (purple) and my mom paired hers with a t-shirt with a graphic on it and I paired mine with a dress with a pattern only on the bottom!  Layered necklaces are good if the top of your outfit differs from the bottom!

Long Statements


Long statements are perfect for a solid color dress/top or anything that is just one color all the way down! That way people notice the necklace more than the outfit.  They kind of make me feel like a thug sometimes too! hahaha

OH WOW statements


Oh how much I love these!!! I kid you not, I wear them every week! I usually wear them with collared shirts and basically anything that looks good with them haha.  That’s the great thing about them being multi-colored.. they match a lot of things! And I seem to have a lot of colored clothing items in my closet 🙂  and personally I prefer my necklaces BIG AND LOUD!


So I hope I helped y’all understand the different kinds of statement necklaces and why they are so great!! You can buy statement necklaces anywhere but here are a few of my favorite stores to purchase them at:

and Target of course! Old navy has cute jewelry as well 🙂

Have a fantabulous week!

xoxox,                                  Madeline E. Hector


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How to style summer shorts! +My new favorite J.Crew dress :)


Howdy, y’all!

So we all know that during the summer the temperatures rise…. and so do our shorts.  Bermuda, chino, and flowy shorts are a perfect alternative to high wasted cut-off shorts! Because honestly- nobody wants to see booty cheeks.  If you want the classic preppy look, I would shoot for Bermuda and chino shorts in a fun color or print! Like blues, pinks, and greens, and as for prints I would try seersucker and patchwork shorts 🙂  You could really purchase these anywhere, but the stores you would have the most luck at would be J.Crew or J.Crew Factory, Vineyard Vines, Gap, Old Navy, and even Target!

To help y’all out, I decided I would throw together a few of my favorite outfits of the summer that feature shorts!

1.) This outfit is actually all from Target! (except the accessories and shoes).  I’m SOOOOOOO obsessed with this pineapple tank-top! It’s also only $10.. HOLLER!!  Pineapples are not only super adorable and good for you, but they are also a new trend! I’ve noticed a lot lately that a lot of clothes are starting to have a pineapple print and I think it’s so fabulous! 🙂  The seersucker shorts are a good length- and not to mention VERY comfy!  I also pair a brown belt with this but it wasn’t in my closet at the time I took this picture so my apologies 😦 I would wear this outfit maybe if I was on vacay, going out to lunch, or shopping!


shoes- jack rogers // accessories- my everyday watch and hair tie.

2.) This little number is a mix-match! A lot of people tend to be scared to mix prints and colors, but it’s really not that hard! Just remember to use a settle color and print with a more vibrant color or print.  This particular outfit is cool because the top has red hearts and the shorts are blue striped- and the reason I like it is because it’s red and blue which is a fantastic color combination.. and AMERICA!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  WHO DOESN’T LOVE WEARING THAT RED WHITE AND BLUE?!?   This whole outfit is from old navy- except the accessories and shoes.  I would wear this on the Fourth of July, out for lunch or dinner, and to shop of course!


3.) These next shorts are my absolute fave!!! They are so comfy and flattering and my favorite colors:)  I paired them with a black scalloped tank top, and my Jacks.  Scallops are very in right now and I love them! They are so fun and add a little curve to your outfit! Now for the jewelry I added a simple turquoise statement necklace that adds a pop of color to the top.  Statement necklaces are great for whenever you need to add a “wow” factor to your outfit! I would wear this out to dinner, and when I go shopping.


necklace- simple addiction (online boutique)  // bracelet- anthropologie  // shorts- target  // top- unknown lol

4.) This outfit is what I call my “old man outfit” hahahah! The floral flowy shorts kind of remind me of what a grandpa would wear on like a vacation to Hawaii but I’m 77 at heart so I guess it’s fitting?!? haha. Anyways I paired these with a puffy halter top from the Target kids section! Halter tops are in style right now and it’s kind of funny because I remember when I was little and they were in style too! 🙂 I love them and they tend to show off your summer tan! I didn’t add too much jewelry to this combination because it’s more of a laid- back, beach look.. I would definitely wear this on vacation especially if I was going somewhere tropical, to a sporting event, and out to lunch. or shopping of course.


5.) Lastly, I thought I’d end the shorts series with every southern girls favorite- LACE!  I love these shorts because they are so comfy and versatile!  You could literally pair them with any solid color top! Usually I opt for a bright solid color like pink, turquoise, purple, etc.  I’d also pair it with a denim button-down.  These shorts are from Apricot Lance and the top is from Francesca’s! The necklace can be purchased at J.Crew, or simple addiction! I would wear this on vacation, out for lunch and dinner, and obvi my favorite- shopping! 🙂


Ok so I wanted to show y’all my new favorite dress because I’m OBSESSED!!!


IS IT NOT TO DIE FOR?!?! And it’s from J.Crew so its an automatic 10 🙂 I paired this beaut with wedges from Target, a J.Crew Sparkly necklace, layered on top of a ‘M’ necklace from Altar’d state! Layering necklaces is my new favorite thing and i’ll have a separate post about it sometime soon! 🙂  This dress is just perfect and I’m probably gonna wear it all the time!! So if I post a multiple amount of pictures wearing it- don’t judge! hehehe

              “A repeated outfit is just a well deserved encore.”

Well I hope I helped y’all with summer outfit ideas by presenting a few of my favorites!! Thank y’all so much for reading and remember…………………..Stay classy 🙂



                              Madeline E. Hector







Hello lovelies! It has been so long since I’ve had time to be able to blog! Oh, how much I miss it! 😦

Fortunately for you, and for me, it is officially the start to my summer which means I have more time to blog and expand my horizons! Since I basically have nothing to do this summer, I plan to fully devote myself to this lovely blog of mine and also to inform you on the summer trends!

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of us! THIS SUMMER WILL BE GREAT! So please just check in every once in awhile- I’ll let everybody know when I have a new post 🙂

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Hope everyone has a fantabulous start to the summer! Ta-ta for now!


                                   Madeline E. Hector

The five essentials to being happy!!! :)



My very own personal list on how to be happy!

1. Surround yourself with positivity!

I’ve recently discovered that I tend to be happiest when I’m around people/things who are full of light and happiness! A lot of times, especially at school, you may be around people who bring out the worst in you, or make you feel like you are worth nothing at all.  What’s best to do? DROP THEM!  How you feel mentally and physically plays a huge impact on who you are.  On the downside, it may be extremely hard to rid of the negative people in your life… but, in the end, you will feel SOO much better about everything!

Another thing you can do is replace your music, movies, tv shows, or whatever you find entertaining, with things that spread positivity! I find tv shows like Say Yes To The Dress and basically anything on TLC just really make me feel happy because nothing really negative happens in them! (yes, I’m like a 35 year old woman when it comes to my tv shows but oh whale) Music wise, I usually listen to songs by Mumford and Sons, Phillip Phillips, Ron Pope Howie Day, OneRepublic, any Christian music and sometimes upbeat country songs! Songs that have meaning, are also awesome too.  I’m not personally a fan of rap or whatever it’s called these days, unless I’m working out.  And don’t get me wrong, a sad song here and there is just fine! But if you’re ever sad, just listen to a happy tune and I can guarantee you’ll feel 99.9% better 🙂   Some of my personal fav songs are:

  • “I Lived” by One Republic
  • “Come to Me” By Goo Goo Dolls
  • “Doin’ what she likes” By Blake Shelton
  • “You are Everything” By Matthew West
  • ” Bright Lights” By Matchbox 20
  • e.t.c    I play all of these songs when I get ready for school 🙂

“Keep your face towards the sunshine & shadows will fall behind you.”

                                              -Walt Whitman

2. Do what you love!

If you love dancing, dance. If you love playing a sport, play that sport.  If you love singing screamo music while head-bangin’ in your car, then do it! Doing what you love is essential to your happiness! For example: I LOVE TO SHOP!!! So, I will shop, until I literally drop. Literally, ask anybody, “Do you like [insert occupation]?”  They will either respond with, “YES! I adore it!” or, “no, I absolutely hate it.”  It all depends on how they feel about what they do! Doing what makes you happy will inevitably make you an extremely happier person fo’ shoooo’.

“Do what makes you happy and be done with all the rest.”

3. Don’t listen to the opinions of others.

I cannot express to you how strongly I feel about this subject!!! I personally, need to work on it myself.  (This kind of goes along with #2)

You absolutely can nooootttt let the opinions of your inferiors bring you down.  It just makes everything more complicated.  It is SUPER cool to be unique, and stand out from all the rest.  And in all honesty, if you do stand out for the better, people will try to bring you down to their level.  It’s just a blessing in disguise! So if you have something that makes your stand out, for the better, do not dim that spotlight! Odds are, the people who make fun of you, judge you, subtweet about you, whatever- you will not be in any relation to them in the future.  Especially in high school, everything is so juvenile, it is your job to stand out from all the rest! (In a classy way of course!) Those words don’t mean a thing!

My wonderful, classy mother always tells me that it’s always better to seek approval of God, and adults first, rather than high school kids or anybody who tries to bring you down:)

4.)  Don’t worry, be happy!

Take that song literally! All I do sometimes is worry, but then I remember that with every negative comes a positive! Just focus on the fabulous things in life! If all you ever do, is complain and worry about the future, nothing good will ever come out of that.  It is best to just remember that their is a marvelous plan made out for you, and everything will turn out just fine 🙂 

Live life like you’re on the beach, with no worries! Life is too short to just stress all the time! HAKUNA MATATA!!!!

” I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.”



5. Be thankful and excited!

There are so many things to be thankful and excited for! Be thankful that you woke up this morning. Be excited about that new face moisturizer you got.   Be thankful that you have a roof over your head, and food on your plate.  Be excited when your favorite song comes on after a rough day at school! There is literally so much more! It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a rough day, week, year, LIFE.  Bad things happen to everyone- not just you believe it or not!   And if things don’t work out the way you wanted them too, it was probably for the best that it didn’t happen anyways! They’re people in this world who don’t even know what having clean water is like, so therefore you have no reason to be upset whenever you don’t have Starbucks for a whole week!

And as for being excited… live everyday like it is Christmas morning! If you wake up every morning with a bad attitude about the day ahead, it will more than likely be a bad day. Solution? Wake up excited! Look forward to the day ahead, instead of waiting for Friday! Make everyday fabulous!! My favorite hashtag, #edsftg is from Vineyard Vines, and it stands for “Every Day Should Feel This Good!”

If you can make yourself feel sad… you can definitely make yourself feel happy 🙂

 “It is not happy people who are thankful; It is thankful people who are happy.”


I hope that this post is  great start to your week! Maybe you can be like me, and work on these things too!

In the words of Lilly Pulitzer…. BEING HAPPY NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE!!

**Do not let people make you feel bad because you are happy!    You can just be a good example and teach them these 5 ways to be happy!

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Have a fantabulous week, lovelies!

xoxox, Madeline E. Hector 🙂

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How to look cute at sporting events!


Hey ya’ll!

everybody knows that it is essential to always look your best- even whenever you are at a sporting event! This could include football, baseball (my favs) basketball, lacrosse, e.t.c.  And since my daddy is a football/baseball coach, I feel that I need to represent him well at his games by dressing cute.

If you’ve ever watched an SEC football game, or have been to one, you’ve probably noticed that almost every single girl is wearing a dress with an awesome statement necklace, a long with super adorable shoes!  I LOVE this because I think it is a southern girl tradition to wear a dress to the football games!

There are some important guidelines to follow though if you choose to follow this tradition:

  1. The dress must be school colors, along with your statement necklace (if you choose to wear one)
  2. MODEST IS HOTTEST– although it may be a hot game, or you have super long legs haha (me) you must remember the classy girl motto– modest is hottest. 
  3. THE RIGHT SHOES GO A LONG WAY- don’t wear heels, because… it’s a football game.  instead, wear cowboys boots, cute sandals or riding boots.


dress: Francesca’s


dress: Target (like 2 years ago)


Dress: Lilly Pulitzer      shoes: BCBG


Baseball is the best. hands down. 

When I go to cheer on my dad’s team, or my brothers team, I tend to wear shorts, t-shirts, blouses, tank tops, or day dresses.  And of course, sandals!

Since baseball games tend to be a little warmer, later in the season, it’s probably best to just feel comfortable, yet fabulous. I basically just stick to big t-shirts and nike shorts with sandals.  🙂 


t shirt: A&M

shorts: Target


top: Francesca’s


Top & Nautical shorts : Old Navy


Top: Gap

necklace: Versona

Shorts: Old Navy

Shoes: Gap    headband: Target


I hope you have found this post helpful! Stay cute & fabulous & classy 🙂


xoxox, Madeline E. Hector